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 Prophet Nathan Simmons


Affectionally, named as "The Pope of Pentecost" across the world, Prophet Simmons was known for his Gifting & Anointing in transforming any Gathering or Church Service into an Unforgettable Pentecostal Experience in a matter of seconds. Simply put, No One knows how to church like Prophet Nathan Simmons...

Giving his life to the Lord at age 16, Pastor Nathan L. Simmons committed to the ministry of prayer, fasting, and consecration and service. Through his commitment to five hours in daily prayer and fasting 3 days a week he was endowed with an anointing that leaves an indelible impression upon those who came in contact with him.

Drawn by his stance in the realm of the spirit, hundreds of souls had united in fellowship and gathered weekly in Bible Exploration, Good Morning Jesus Prayer and Sunday service. With a heart of compassion, Pastor Simmons embodied the innate characteristics of a shepherd. He had a burden for the lost and was compelled to offer the message of Hope to everyone!

He ministered with zeal and taught with authority reaching the hearts of Millions as he preached the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the United States, The United Kingdom, South America, and the Caribbean Islands. As a result of his ministerial gift and undeniable anointing many have received the gift of salvation, healing in their bodies and deliverance for their souls. His vision embraced Christian values and community consciousness with a worldwide view in it's approach to end-time ministry.

Pastor Simmons had studied extensively in the area of ministry and has earned a Bachelor's degree in theology from Manhattan Bible College. His community involvement entailed street witnessing, visiting prisons, and counseling in youth detention centers, homeless shelters and nursing homes. He has received numerous proclamations and commendations from our civil leaders, City Council Representatives for his civic and community endeavors.

The Man, The Ministry, and The Mission, are irrevocably intertwined for the purpose of strengthening and Divinely inspiring the Body of Christ. With a shepherds heart, seasoned and cultivated by the Word of God, Prophet Simmons was called, chosen, committed and challenged by the power of God. Simplistically, the cry of Pastor Nathan Simmons was to Live a Life that was found pleasing in the sight of God.

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Bishop Noel Jones

Some may know him as "Bishop," others as an astute intellectual, a columnist, prolific orator, theatrical producer, and still others as a beloved father, grandfather and loyal friend. No matter your point of reference, there are few places you will travel on this side of heaven without hearing the great name of Bishop Noel Jones. Bishop Jones was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica on January 31, 1950. One of seven children born to Bishop Robert and Marjorie Jones, Noel Jones was raised alongside a diverse array of siblings (one of whom is the famed actress and singer Grace Jones). He once mused, "If I could reconcile and keep peace among us, I can reconcile the Church through the power of God." Add to this skill of mediation, a strict rearing under Pentecostal tenets, and the enduring of an early childhood abuse, and it should become increasingly clear why God called Bishop Jones into the ministry at the tender age of nineteen. His experiences nurtured his unique call to the ministry of reconciliation and honed his distinct ability to transcend tradition in his delivery of the gospel, through widening spiritual parameters in order to reach diverse people of manifold backgrounds, cultures, and denominations.

A preeminent scholar, Bishop Jones attended St. Jago High School and went on to attain a Bachelors of Science in Theology from Aenon Bible College. At the age of twenty-six, Bishop Jones accepted his first pastorate at Bethel Temple of Longview in Longview, Texas. In June of 1994, Bishop Noel Jones was chosen to succeed the venerable Bishop Robert W. McMurray as Shepard to approximately 1,000 members of Greater Bethany Community church in (South Central) Los Angeles, California. During his tenure, the membership of the church has increased so significantly that in 2003, a new edifice was acquired in Gardena, California. The new sanctuary, now known as "The City of Refuge" accommodates a growing membership of 17,000 who jam the sanctuary five times a week to be invigorated and transformed by the uniquely powerful preaching of this awesome man of God.

In 1994, Bishop Jones founded Noel Jones Ministries (NJM) (formerly known as Jesus Alternative Ministries), in an effort to address religion's inability to offer real relevance to the changing climate of the times. NJM's primary focus is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Word via media resources. Audio and video messages offer encouragement and salvation to individuals beyond the ministries immediate reach. Some of these same messages may be seen currently on Inspiration Network during his "Fresh Oil" broadcast that airs each Friday morning at 6:30 a.m.

Bishop Jones continues to make an indelible mark on the world, violently reclaiming territory for the Kingdom through his philanthropy, service and social justice efforts. 

Bishop Jones is the proud father of three children: Noel II (Cozzette ), Tifani, and Eric (Angie), and three grandchildren, Lena, Ian, and Oliver.

Joyce Myers Ministries

Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers. A New York Times bestselling author, her books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.

Through Joyce Meyer Ministries, she teaches on hundreds of subjects, has authored over 80 books and conducts approximately 15 conferences per year. To date, more than 12 million of her books have been distributed worldwide, and in 2007 more than 3.2 million copies were sold. Joyce also has a television and radio program, Enjoying Everyday Life®, that is broadcast worldwide to a potential audience of 3 billion people. Access her programs anytime of day.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

Best known as the General in the Art of Strategic Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, Dr. N. Cindy Trimm is a 21st Century World Leader who has partnered with heads of state, international leaders and business professionals for more than 30 years to equip and empower thousands to maximize their leadership potential in their communities and transform the course of our global destiny.

As one of the leading voices of our time, she founded the Cindy Trimm Corporation (CTC) to bring practical solutions to social ills by leading relevant discussions on social reconstruction, community enrichment, educational reformation, economic empowerment, psychological liberation and spiritual renewal. Her accomplishments as a revolutionary have established her as one of the most respected and sought-after voices in the world today.










Dr. Cindy Trimm prays and releases the power of God.


Dr Medina Pullens

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Dr. Medina Pullings is the co-founder and co-pastor of the United Nations Church International along with her husband Dr. Orrin K. Pullings, Sr. A native New Yorker, Dr. Medina Pullings is an international conference speaker, preacher and teacher armed with a word of destiny for the nations. With an accurate and authentic prophetic anointing, Dr. Medina Pullings is often called upon to speak a life-changing word to God’s people. Called at the young age of 16, her passion to see God’s Kingdom reign here on earth is demonstrated by her dedication and excellence in ministry. With churches in Richmond, VA and Jamaica, NY, her faith is evidenced by the rapid growth of these ministries. Drawing people as far away as Africa, London and Alaska and 2 ½ hours drive every service, the church in Richmond, VA has become one of central Virginia’s fastest growing ministries.

An extension of Medina Pullings Ministries, she is also the founder of Princess Club. This organization is designed to help young girls; training them to think and act like “Kingdom Ladies.” A woman of uncompromising style, Dr. Medina Pullings is the founder and CEO of Style & Grace a trendy boutique in the exclusive Cary Town of Richmond, VA. Educated at John Jay College, Bethel Bible Institute and F.I. Christian University, Dr. Medina Pullings holds three academic/professional degrees, a Bachelor in Christian Education, Masters in Biblical Counseling and Doctorate in Ministry. She recently received a Doctorate in Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College. She is also the co-host of Faith Charge a weekly television program reaching 140 countries and over 40 million people in the United States.

Dr. Medina Pullings is the proud wife of Dr. Orrin K. Pullings, Sr. and proud mother of their four sons Orrin, Jr., Elijah, James and Zacchaeus.

How to Spot a Jesus Girl!

Serving Jesus and Loving It!
Maximizing every moment (this girl doesn't miss a beat!)
Mom, Grandma, Pastor, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Businesswoman... She can be found in any of these areas.
It's quite evident - Jesus is the love of her life.
Where ever she goes she is accompanied by style and grace.
Fully occupied - she's tending to her Father's business.
Praise is her most elite garment.
Her love of Jesus is contagious!
Owns at least one piece of Jesus girl Product.
She will be a Jesus Girl Forever!

Contact Information
Mailing Address:
Medina Pullings Ministries
5200 Midlothian Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23225

804.230.4007 - Main Office
804.230.6465 - Fax
804.230.6466 - UNC-VA Church Office

General Correspondence and Inquiries:

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Please send engagement requests to Minister Anthony Harris, Executive Assistant to Dr. Medina Pullings

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Please direct all inquiries regarding Partnership to Elder Tawanda Felder, Partnership Coordinator

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Please send all inquiries regarding the Princess Club to Sister Tanya Hopkins, Director


Sister, Sister

You Can't Quit You're On An Assignment 2


Preaching at the 2003 Woman Thou Art Loosed conference with Bishop T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyers, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, and Bridget Hilliard. This was a phenomenal message that liberated women in particular to know that they are on an assigment.


Are U Ready 2 Go Higher? Pt 2 (My Lawd)

 Bishop Cedric Beard from Grand Prarie, Tx




Pastor Sheryl Brady

Minister Mark Moore

Evangelist Sandra Riley

Evangelist Sandra Riley delivers a timely message that you must hear.
Though life and circumstances may throw us into a pit,
Evangelist Riley delivers powerfully a spiritual reminder that our destiny won't allow us to stay there.

Minister Torey Fountain 12 year old Min. Torey Fountain ministering




Pastor Jamal Bryant

Radical, Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, and Cutting Edge are some of the words often used to describe Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant. Stepping out on faith, with the support of 43 people who believed and met in his home for bible study, Dr. Bryant founded The Empowerment Temple. The first service was held on Easter Sunday, April 22, 2000, in a Baltimore City banquet hall. He prayed that God would send someone. In just four years, God has directed the path of over 6,000 members to Empowerment Temple, the fastest growing church in the A.M.E. denomination.

Dr. Bryant is a pastor with a global mission, which is to Empower the World Through the Word. He believes that the body of Christ should be empowered in every area of life. His preaching and teaching focuses on empowering believers spiritually, developing them educationally, exposing them culturally, activating them politically and strengthening them economically.

Prior to his role as pastor, Dr. Bryant served as the director of the NAACP’s youth and college division. A dynamic motivational speaker, he was responsible for over 650 youth councils and college chapters, representing over 68,000 young people in the United States, Germany and Japan. During his tenure, he held the “Stop The Violence, Start The Love Crusade”, and organized the HBCU speaking tour, “Youth At Risk.” His contributions have been highlighted in numerous publications, including Emerge, Sister To Sister, USA Today, and The Source. Dr. Bryant has appeared on BET, CNN, C-Span, and Politically Incorrect. He also served as a panelist on the national town hall meeting, “The State of Black America”, and “The State of the Black Church”, hosted by Tavis Smiley. According to Ebony Magazine, he is one of America’s future leaders.

While Dr. Bryant has distinguished himself and attained great accomplishments, it is noteworthy that he failed the 11th grade and dropped out of high school. However, he later obtained a GED certificate and went on to further his education. He received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Studies, from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and earned a master of divinity degree from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Pastor Bryant recently received his Doctorate of Theology from Oxford University in Great Britain.

With a mission to “Empower the World Through the Word”, the “Power for Life” broadcast is heard weekly across the United States, the Caribbean, England and throughout the continent of Africa. In 2003, The Empowerment Academy, an elementary school for grades Pre-K through 2nd, and The Empowerment Temple Family Life Center opened its doors to serve the community. The church has also registered more voters than any other church in Baltimore City.

After three years of worshiping in several locations, a banquet hall, a college campus and a high school auditorium, on February 15, 2004, the Empowerment temple congregation triumphantly marched into its new 2,000 seat sanctuary located in Baltimore City. In spite of the awesome anointing on his life, Dr. Bryant is still modest enough to “keep it real.” His humility allows him to connect with those from age seven to seventy.

Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant is “Empowering the World Through the Word.”