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Israel Houghton - Healer



Here is Israel Houghton performing the song Healer by Mike Guglielmucci of Hillsong and Planetshakers along with a prayer from Pastor Joel Osteen.

Declaring that God is our healer, all we need, and enough for us are very powerful declarations! We all should be thankful that we all have a powerful, loving, faithful God who looks out for us, and cares deeply about each one of us!

He is, truly our HEALER!


The Greater Travelers Rest Sanctuary Choir -Men of Standard's Isaac Caree

I dedicate this song to all of you who are doubting where you are in your walk with the Lord...because of what other people have said or done to you.


Let no one dictate to you where your place or call is for Jesus paid the price for you on Calvary's cross..and when those same people who once patted you on the back and said well done now try to tell you where you are "not" in your walk with God..You just smile and say:

It was the Blood that made the difference.

Your way was made so many years ago, so be encouraged when friends walk away, when love ones go astray  because the Blood makes the difference.

I've learned that when God's glory is evident in your life that's when the enemy will try and attack you the most but the thing about it is don't have to worry nor fret for the BLOOD makes the difference for you.

Stay blessed and remember Greater is He that is in you than all the

world that can be against you for some are with you today

and today they can be against you..but God!


God Bless Each of You Always!

HillSong-Healer Live 2008

Now..Yes it has been found that the HillSong singer singing this song was deceiving the world, his family and friends when He told them all He was dying of Cancer but still God used Him through this song to encourage a lot of people who truly was sick in their bodies,who are gave and still does give encouragement to all!


May the Lord help Pastor Micheal Guglielmucci to recover, to get well and be released from whatever illness, mental state or demon that caused him to lie about his health. Pray for His recover and pray that God will restore the Man of God to a place where He will affect the people still in many more positive ways.


Karen Clark-Sheard-Giving A Testimony


Karen gives her testimony @ the 2002
Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference!!

Rev Bertrand Bailey, Jr.



Rev. Bertrand Bailey, Jr.

Mt.Pleasant, Texas
Greater Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church

Desmond Pringle

Take Me To That Secret Place

 Shekinah Glory sings That Place with Desmond Pringle on lead.

Shekinah Glory does a wonderful job with this,

see their website for further details on their ministry:

Check out his website at



Evangelist Ruby Holland-Hutchins

Evangelist Ruby Holland Hutchins is the wife of Pastor Dennis Keith Hutchins and the mother of two.  She has had the privilege to share of her ministry gifts with people on five continents including Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America.  She is a native of Longview, Texas.  

Ruby is an active member of various community organizations.  She earned a nursing degree in 1986.  She founded Touch The World Ministries, Inc. in 1999.  Touch The World Ministries is a global preaching, teaching, and community care outreach, committed to finding the need and meeting it, and finding the hurt and healing it.

Jackson Music Awards Inc., nominated her for a Mississippi Gospel Music Award in the category, Album of The Year by a Local Artist in 2002.  She is the founder of H.Y.P.E (Holy Youth Praise Explosion) 2003.

In addition to ministering the spoken word, she has had the opportunity to spread the gospel in song and has recorded with numerous renowned gospel artists.

She flows in a prophetic anointing and possesses an unusual ability to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ruby intends to complete the assignment that God has placed on her life by doing the full work of an evangelist and making full proof of her ministry.  Her objective is to touch the world with the transforming power of God’s love.

Things Are Gonna Get Better!

Ministered by Pastor Jermaine Landrum & The Abundant Praise Revival Choir of New Orleans, La. Fight On (Things are gonna get better!)

God Favor Me

Wait on God..He Favors You and Will Work it all out for You!!

You Will not fall ..You will not bend!! God's Favors You and Me!!

Lecrae: Background Feat. C-Lite

Lecrae--Praying For You!