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Why, every creek that runs up into the shore is full of it where the fry dance in the water.

Why, every tree and every forest rings with it; where the feathered songsters sit and make their wings quiver with delight and ecstasy.

Why, every atom of this air, which is dense with animalculae, is full of God's goodness.

The cattle on a thousand hills he feeds; the ravens come and peck their food from his liberal hands. The fishes leap out of their element, and he supplies them; every insect is nourished by him.

The lion roars in the forest for his prey, and he sendeth it to him. Ten thousand thousand creatures are all fed by him. Can you tell, then, what God's goodness is?

If you knew all the myriad works of God, would your life be long enough to make all God's creative goodness pass before you?

Copyright © 2001 by Phillip R. Johnson. All rights reserved.




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