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You ARE Called to Your Assignment!

Your problem is, "You ARE Called to Your Assignment, Not Your Opinion(s)."

09/10/ 2018 

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Ephesians 2:10

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them."

You either Gone do You or God! Your Choice!




Empowerment Key:

Have you ever thought about how good you feel when you do spring cleaning in your house? Things you had forgotten you had suddenly reappear, you realize how much junk you had accumulated, and the things that you didn't need were just taking up space. The same principle applies when God says its time to unclutter your soul. The more we do"spring cleaning" of our life the more space God has to occupy. In order to be empowered God needs space to work with. What space needs to be cleaned out of your life (from within and without) so that God can have full access? 




Empowerment Key:

The process to greatness is realizing that is not about being the greatest but allowing the greatness of God to be birth out of you. Many believers focus on being the greatest and will forever stay frustrated. But the wisdom is knowing there is a difference between being the greatest and manifesting greatness. Greatness is achieved by taking one faithful step at a time, allowing God to manifest His character in us and being confident in our own skin. Today make the choice to embrace your process into greatness!






Empowerment Key

The key to success is swallowing the process. You may have to go through this in order to get to that. Many believers abort destiny and purpose because they choose to prematurely leave the process.  Process is not an easy thing to embrace but necessary if you want a legitimate anointing. The process may mean leaving others behind, opening yourself up to new things and people, and walking into the unknown (but known to God). Don't abort the process because of the pain. There is purpose to the pain!




 Empowerment Keys

Just a word of encouragement: Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice! God has not forgotten you nor has He forsaken you. When it seems like He is far from you then that is when He is near. Continue to seek to please an audience of One. May the love of God flood your life on tonight. Empty yourself before Him so He can fill you with all of Him. He is waiting on you in the Secret Place...
Our battle cry:
Lord fill the earth with your GLORY! It will cost you something to Pursue the Glory in this last hour. People are chasing after many things in this hour that will continue to evade them, disappoint and cause utter distractions. What are you pursuing in this hour? What or who do you have your  affections set upon? Pursue the Glory of God...


Heavenly Father,

My prayer today for your people is that you would RAIN down afresh! Dispense now oh Lord fresh oil (anointing), fresh bread (doctrine, the Word of God) and fresh wine (the Holy Spirit). Fill their temple with your Glory. Shower down and breathe your Ruach (the breath of God) upon every situation that needs attention. Holy Fire of God purify the hearts, minds and spirits of your people. Thank you for your people being revived and refreshed on today. In Jesus' name...



 In this hour of the SHIFT and the SHAKING make sure that you hear clearly the voice of God about your connections. What was a blessing in one season of your life can become a weight or hindrance in the new season of life. It takes maturity to wave good bye to the past. But you can not hold on to the past and DESTINY at the same time. Wise choices must be made in this hour concerning your future. Do not allow past moves and decisions form your present day choices. Seek the face of God and not your own will. Part of success is knowing what to keep and what to let go. Blessings...

Wisdom Key:

Too many voices speaking in your eargates can cause confusion and contamination in your prophetic womb. Just because someone is speaking does not necessarily mean that that is the God ordained voice for your life. Many voices have gone out in the land but it is only the voices that has been assigned to this hour that have the pulse and heartbeat of the Father. We must be more discerning of whose table we eat from. Speaking does not mean that one has stood in the counsel of God as His mouthpiece!



Kingdom Keys:

1. Don't allow fear to immobilize you from pressing toward what seems to be the unknown to you.

2. Embrace wise counsel because it will save you from set ups, set backs and heartaches.

3. Keep a teachable spirit in all things.

4. Guard your anointing at all costs.

5. Know your seasons and assignments when it comes to people.

6. Discern and walk in  your own calling.

7. Seek to please an audience of ONE.

8. Your passion is a key to your provision!





Empowerment Key:

Life is what you make it. Why not go all the way and be sold out for the sake of the Kingdom? No more strattling the fence, being indecisive, or living in the gray areas of life. Make a decision to go for the DESTINY that has been predestined for you. Why stay in the boat with everyone else when you can walk on water? The prophetic midwife that you need to help give birth may not be your choice but God knows what it is going to take to get you where you need to be. Say yes to God in all areas and watch Him work on your behalf!


                                       Kingdom Revelation:


We must learn to look beyond skill and gifting in this hour and see the spirit, intents and motives that are at work within a person. In this dispensation personal integrity, Godly character and the ways of the Father will outshine and outlast skill and ability. Many have been able to slide by through charismatic ability, likability and showmanship. But there is a release of those of us who have been in hiddenness and obscurity whose hearts have been tried by the Holy Fire of God. No more mastery of terms but true MANIFESTATION will come forth in this hour by God's assigned ones.



Empowerment Key:

Good leadership is a rare thing in this hour. If you are blessed to have a good leader assigned to your life be thankful and grateful because everyone does not. God has given us gifts when He chooses the leader to train, equip, cover, love, teach, guide, etc. just for you. How are you treating the gift that God has given you? We must begin to examine our hearts daily to make sure that the love of God is manifested in our every day walk. Attributes such as loyalty, realness, consistency, honor and respect are also rare in this hour. As we seek to fulfill the DESTINY upon our lives always remember that God sees all and how you treat your leader today will often determine how those that follow you will treat you someday. Selah...







 As we are on the brink of a new dispensation, it would be wise to evaluate every aspect of our lives to make sure that it is lining up with the perfect Will of the Father. Make the necessary adjustments in your mind, relationships and inner space of life. What worked in one season may not be beneficial in the next season. Don't hold onto things or people that weigh you down and do not add/benefit where you are going.

Question: Is what or who you are trying to hold on to accommodating your DESTINY? If yes then Glory to God. If no then the ball is in your court to do make the necessary changes so that your DESTINY does not meet you with unnecessary warfare. Warfare comes from within and without. Now is the time to examine and discern. Have a wonderful weekend!






 Leadership Key:

A true and seasoned leader leads by example even at the cost of becoming transparent of their own mistakes and shortcomings. God's leaders in this hour do not hide behind titles, priestly garments, callings, etc as if we are super Christians. Rather our lives of integrity, righteousness, bumps and bruises are walked out for all to see. Be careful of being so quick to condemn a leader when you see them stumble a bit. It just happens that they are in a position when they do stumble all can see. But what if you were in the public eye or spotlight and you came up short before people? How would you want to be treated? This is not a license to sin but for us as the Body of Christ to have a little more mercy on one another.




There is continuing to be a SHIFT and SHAKING and many think that it is the enemy but it is Me says God. I am shaking your spirit to attention. For too long we have been focusing on things of the flesh and by now we should know that that doen't work. Arise from your sleep and slumber and dead religious works and enter into the SUPERNATURAL realm. The alarm has been sounded once again for those who have an ear to hear. This is Me says God creating the circumstances that will draw you back into ALIGNMENT once again!




Has seeking the Kingdom become a priority in your life? Have you put away dead works of religion? Today set yourself free from those things that rise up against the authority of God. Release yourself from the chains that bind. Adopt new behavior, attitudes, mindsets, etc that are condusive for your DESTINY. Identify and destroy the works of darkness that have crept in unaware. Are there tares among the wheat in your life? Tares if not destroyed will eventually suck the life out of the wheat in your life. Watch out for the small foxes that spoil the vine! 



 03/ 03/09

Encouragement Key:

Have you ever thought you heard from God and missed it? We all have. Thank God for grace and mercy that will allow us to go back and get things right. Do not be afraid to humble yourself and admit that you missed the voice of God. A sign of true maturity is the ability to confront the mistake you made and then the wisdom to know how to correct your wrong. Be encouraged on today if you have found yourself in the wrong situation because God is providing you an opportunity to get back in alignment with your DESTINY. Making mistakes is apart of the process to growth and greatness!





We often say I am ready for the next level or dimension but are you really? Are you ready for the SHIFT that may mean a change in your inner circle, giving up mindsets that you have had for years, embracing new opportunities that may leave you vulnerable, a new faith walk you have never had before, giving up all of your control so you may truly be led by the Holy Spirit, etc. This next SHIFT may cost you more than what you think. Are you ready for the SHIFT? PS..what's on the other side will be well worth you paying the price!




Wealth Principle: Are you being challenged in your finances? Have you said to yourself I can't afford to give God what is due to Him let alone plant a seed? You can't afford NOT to give. Take a lesson from the widow woman in I Kings 17 when she was about to die she sowed a seed in the right soil and reaped a life long harvest all from one seed. The law of sowing and reaping works. Its a sure word from God. We can not afford to continue gleaning from other people's ministries and anointing and never sow back into that good soil. An uncommon harvest is waiting on you!




Faith is not faith until you have a situation that requires you to take your hands off and just let God. Loyalty is not loyalty until you have the opportunity to betray and don't. Integrity is not integrity until a situation calls for you to do the right thing although you have the opportunity to compromise and you still do right. Excellence is not excellence until you can choose to go the extra mile when everyone else is slacking. In other words, God is molding and defining His character in us even when no one is looking. Your character will always speak louder than your words!


Many are wondering when the wealth transfer is going to take place. One factor will be when the Body of Christ is walking faithfully in integrity, excellence, humility and the character/ nature of God. God is stripping the kingdom from those who have been disobedient and placing it into the hands of those He can trust. Much like when the kingdom was stripped from Saul and given to David. What you do behind the scenes counts in the eyes of God!


Life Key:

God is going to turn your tests into a testimony. He is going to turn your pressure into power. He is going to transform your trials into your triumphs. It is all about perspective. How do you view what you are going through? How is your attitude when you are going through? What words do you speak into the atmosphere that can speed up or delay your breakthrough? Your words have more power than you think. And your attitude can sometimes determine the length of your season...



Life Key:

God is going to turn your tests into a testimony. He is going to turn your pressure into power. He is going to transform your trials into your triumphs. It is all about perspective. How do you view what you are going through? How is your attitude when you are going through? What words do you speak into the atmospehere that can speed up or delay your breakthrough? Your words have more power than you think. And your attitude can sometimes determine the length of your season...
 Don't be left behind in this next dispensation of God's Glory! Make sure you are positioning and aligning yourself with that which points toward DESTINY. Check all extra baggage and leave it behind. Do not miss this next visitation of the Lord. Lay aside every weight, hindrance and excuse. This encounter will not be afar off...



Do you hear that? It is the sound of God's Generals mobilizing, equipping, training and releasing God's End Time Army for the harvest! God's holy apostles are being released for such a time as this to take us into the next dimension and dispensation of the Kabod glory. Now do not be tricked because anyone can wear "generals attire" but only true generals can walk in that dimension of authority, power and grace. Stay under the right beard of anointing in this hour!


Kingdom Key:

The self appointed and self anointed in this hour are about to be revealed. God is about to put on a showcase of His end time remnant. There will be a distinct marking upon those that God has called, chosen and commissioned for this new dispensation. You will no longer have to wonder or guess; God is about to make it very apparent. For such a time as this! Do not be thrown off but keep your focus. This is a work and a move of God...

Today is a new day. Therefore we get new mercy, new joy, new favor, etc. This morning in prayer God revealed to me a Kingdom Key that has ignited my life and totally shifted our ministry. This key is simple yet very prophetic. The key is: UNCOMMON. Many people settle for the ordinary but we are pursuing the UNCOMMON. As God began to show me how to activate this strategy I immediately began to experience a SHIFT in the atmosphere and in my prayer time.

Keys are so important. You must ask for the right KEY...



There is a great danger when you have too many voices speaking in your ear gate. As we look at the pattern of the disciples who became the apostles they sat under one man, Jesus Christ. Paul said it best when he said although you have ten thousand instructors yet ye have few fathers. We can glean from anyone but we must be careful to not sit under too many beards. Many are wandering around as spiritual orphans not because there are not parents in the land but some do not want to make a decision to submit. Selah...




Change is in the atmosphere. Transition is just on the horizon. The shift and the shaking has already begun. What are you doing to prepare yourself for God's next power move? We must protect our anointing and gifts at all costs. The enemy is sending time wasters, destiny killers and false ministries to try and steal the seed. It is not you that the enemy is after he is after your seed (the Word in your belly that pertains to DESTINY and PURPOSE).

What will you do to protect the investment that God has made in you?

Father we thank you for this new day in you. We seek to please you in all that we say, think and do. Help us to be mindful of our actions toward others and the need to stay on the potter's wheel. We embrace the process to sanctification on today and know that the Fire of God is necessary to burn up everything in us that is not of you. Thank you for your mercy that gives us chance after chance to get it right. Help us not to take for granted your grace. Thank you Holy Spirit for the comfort and TRUTH you bring to us daily. Help us to listen and obey you more even when it does not make sense to us. God we thank you today that you LOVE us enough to chastise us when it is needed. Thank you this day for a new perspective, a new attitude

Want the more of God? Want to experience the fullness of who God is? The scripture let's us know that we need to lay aside every weight and sin that easily entangles us. David put it best when he said that as the deer pants after the waterbrook so does his soul pant after God. What is keeping you from pursuing God fully? What are the things internally that keep you distracted and thinking they are more important than God? God is pursuing those who are pursuing Him! There is such a line being drawn in the Spirit in this hour. Those who are truly after God's heart are being marked by Heaven. Those who have just been playing games, politics and childish pursuits are being marked as well. The Glory Agents are marked with His Glory...
Today God is ready to pour out the blessings of Passover upon your life as you honor and embrace this most holy feast. We bless God for the supernatural blessings that are tied to Passover. Read about Passover in Num. 9:2,3; I Cor. 5:7; Ex. 12:14; Lev. 23:5; Luke 22; Matt. 26:2, 17-19; Heb. 10:1-10. This is not just a Jewish ritual; this is apart of our INHERITANCE! As you rediscover the fact that Jesus did not come to destroy the law but fullfill it enjoy the blessings that come with being apart of a greater covenant...

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Kingdom Wealth: Remember the Joseph principle of storing up in times of plenty for times of leanness. The law of sowing and reaping works only if you sow into good ground. Your tithe and offering still belongs to God and is Holy unto the Lord. Priorities both financially and emotionally are key to wise decision making. The Kingdom of God is not going through a recession and understanding how the Kingdom works can only benefit you. The widow woman gave her way out of poverty and Elijah was spared at the same time. Lastly, obedience is better than sacrifice!


Do you hear that? It's the angelic hosts of Heaven being given their assignment on your behalf and they are being dispatched to come and minister to you. Do you feel that? It's the groaning of the earth waiting for the MANIFESTATION of the sons of God. Can you smell that? It is the aroma of the Holy Spirit in sweet, intimate worship. KGM would like to encourage you on today to get into the FLOW of the Kingdom. Church just won't do. Religion is not enough. Get in the flow of the KINGDOM on today

Do you feel that? It is the weight of Glory descending. Are you ready to touch that? Touching the very heart of God. KGM pushes you on today to go deeper into that secret place of intimacy with the Father. We encourage you to leave behind the things that no longer satisfy and get into the FLOW of the real Kingdom. God has so much waiting for you. You can't get this in fleshly connections, man made organizations or a form of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is available to all those who will leave behind personal agendas, religious mindsets and entanglements. What you have been searching for can be found in the Kingdom!

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The root meaning of disciple is the word DISCIPLINE. God is using those who have come to the next place of discipline. Lives that are ordered, producing fruit that remains and that reflect the nature/personality of our Heaven Father. Disciplined believers make every moment that God gives us count. Some see us as overly concerned about time, priorities, order, etc but this is part of the requirement for "much is given, much is required". What areas in your life is God calling for more discipline? The army in times of battle only send forth the most skilled, disciplined and capable soldiers. Discipline is also a requirement for promotion and elevation....
As I was just in prayer this is what the Lord says: I am restoring a reverential fear for who I am, my sanctuary, my Word and my presence. It was not by accident that there was an earthquake in Italy. It was my signal to my remnant that the SHIFT that my apostles and prophets have been speaking of is in process. A shift in spiritual climates. A shift in economical climates. A shift in spiritual leadership. I am removing some and positioning others in their place. A shift in stripping the Kingdom and giving it to those who can handle the responsibility. Old ways are dying to make room for true Kingdom...
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Kingdom Key about Connections:
 Who do you hang out with? Are you flying with the eagles or hanging out with turkeys? Are you connected to those who will challenge you to become better, more skilled and full of character? Or are you connected to those who do not know no more than you do? It is hard to grow when you are with people on your same level. You must connect with those who are farther along than you so you may rise to the occassion. Its time to put away feelings of insecurities and intimidation and surround yourself with people who are already where you are trying to go.....

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Today God is ready to pour out the blessings of Passover upon your life as you honor and embrace this most holy feast. We bless God for the supernatural blessings that are tied to Passover. Read about Passover in Num. 9:2,3; I Cor. 5:7; Ex. 12:14; Lev. 23:5; Luke 22; Matt. 26:2, 17-19; Heb. 10:1-10. This is not just a Jewish ritual; this is apart of our INHERITANCE! As you rediscover the fact that Jesus did not come to destroy the law but fulfil it enjoy the blessings that come with being apart of a greater covenant...

Empowerment Keys

Wow it's been a while since we did anything in this segment of the site and with some new changes 
we are going to start back sharing different empowering keys, video, quotes, poems, words of wisdom, etc.
  So stay's one poem to start us off entitled: 

I Never Dreamed.....

I never dreamed that doing what God said do

would cause so much pain in my life

Friends stopped being friends and even some family members never seem to understand

I never dreamed that discrimination would be my flight

that I would have more lonely days and even fights

Yes, fights, because it's always a battle to stand for what's right

I never dreamed that doing what God said to do would create such confusion

Yes, confusion, because the very people that say they love you and

use to come, ask and accept your advice as friends

are the very ones now not receptive of you in your new position as were back then

I never dreamed that I would have to walk this walk alone

but then again I never Dreamed this at all

But I know now that no matter what

I was chosen to do this and for that I shall stand tall

and while I never dreamed

I'll never stop dreaming of how lives will be touched,

changed in a instant all because I never dreamed

You see I never dreamed that it would make such a difference

giving hope, encouragement that I never dreamed possible

that the unsaved would become saved

that the lost would be saved

that the angry would become angered

and the hurt ..well the hurt would be healed

Yes, I never dreamed, and I'm sure you didn't either

but God did and He knows His plans

so whether you dreamed, believed or doubted

He created these moments and He knows just what to do

so while I never dreamed... He did 

And He will allow what He desires to come true

So trust Him and see that, while you never dreamed, What will Be will Be!!!

Penned @ 9:10 a.m June 11, 2011 Evangelist Val Robinson ©All Rights Reserved 

Are You Laying In The Wrong Lap?

Samson and Delliah Pictures, Images and Photos 

"And it came to pass, when she pressed him daily with her words, and urged him, so that his soul was vexed unto death; That he told her all his heart, and said unto her, There hath not come a razor upon mine head; for I have been a Nazarite unto God from my mother's womb: if I be shaven, then my strength will go from me, and I shall become weak, and be like any other man. And when Delilah saw that he had told her all his heart, she sent and called for the lords of the Philistines, saying, Come up this once, for he hath shewed me all his heart. Then the lords of the Philistines came up unto her, and brought money in their hand. And she made him sleep upon her knees; and she called for a man, and she caused him to shave off the seven locks of his head; and she began to afflict him, and his strength went from him" (Judges 16: 16-19).

Are You Laying in the Wrong Lap? In other words, have you found yourself resting in a carnal place that was designed to zap your anointing, taint your integrity and destroy your destiny? Any connection, friendship, relationship or fellowship that was birth in the flesh will only lead to fleshly results. Many are trying to find rest and comfort in the wrong places. There are those who have connected with organizations, people and situations that "seemed" like it was a place of safety but turned out to be their worst nightmare. Scripture tells us that we can judge a tree by the fruit that it bears. Some people call themselves kingdom, apostolic and prophetic but do not have the fruit or manifestation to back it up. The proof is in the pudding!

Samson found himself in this same dilemma. He was seduced by what he saw instead of discerning the heart of the matter. As a result his eyes were put out which meant he no longer had prophetic insight; he was bound with fetters of brass which meant his was put into slavery and was at the mercy of someone else; he had to grind in the prison house which meant he no longer was fulfilling his assignment and all this through the shaving of his head which meant he lost his covering. Our first source of rest is always in the presence of God (Psalms 91). But God will give us places and people in the earth that is safe but we must be careful whose lap we lay our head in.

You do not have to buy friends to find rest. You do not have to lower your standards to be loved and accepted. You do not have to play games, politics and jump through man made hoops in order to be received. One of the major lessons of life that I have learned is that everyone is not mature enough to handle your "emotional nakedness" and the "real you". If you find rest in the wrong place it could lead to the death of your anointing, purpose and dreams. If you lay your head in the wrong lap all of your glory could be cut off. We must not be afraid to make people "qualify" to be in your life space. How much value to do you place on your anointing? What is your destiny worth to you? Many people are selling their destiny to the highest bidder just so they can get a platform, be recognized and affirmed! But what they do not realize is that its just temporary.

 Be more discerning about whom and what you choose to connect with.

Are You Laying in the Wrong Lap?


Life Key:
Be careful of making decisions based off of your "feelings". Feelings are a tricky in that they will constantly changed based upon circumstance, environment, etc. The enemy often uses our "feelings" about something or someone to get us out of the Will of God. We are to be Spirit-led not. Those who make decisions based off the way they "feel" are unstable, unreliable and lack committment because they do not move based upon the TRUTH but upon feelings which can be deceiving at times (Rom. 8:14). Sons of God allow God to lead them in all of their ways by the Spirit. Don't allow your feelings to lead you out of the Will of God for your

 Kingdom Key:
As we are about our Father's business stay alert and aware of the Sanballat's and Tobiah's that are assigned to bring discouragement, false accusations, distractions, trouble, false words, etc. As Nehemiah was rebuilding the wall he had to face an onslaught of warfare through people. The enemy is assigning people to attempt to destroy the work of God in our lives. You must be able to identify a destiny killer and destiny thief. Do not come down from your assignment to deal with the drama; it is a trick.
Stay in position and on point...

This is the hour of our lives that we need WISDOM like never before. I encourage you to go back and reread the book of Proverbs. Decisions and choices that we make can either prove to enhance us or be the liability that keeps us from moving forward. Decisions that we make now can not be made from the flesh or emotions. Decisions to connect, disconnect or even reconnect must be made wisely. Do I stay or do I go? What is God's heart on this matter? The spirit of wisdom need to be embraced and honored. We must be spirit led in all of our moves, transitions and choices. It will cost too much to take the wrong turn in this hour. Watch out for the detours that the enemy presents. These could keep you going in circles in the wilderness

Kingdom Key to success: What have you done today that pertains to your DESTINY? Do you realize the time is now? We don't have as much time as we think to give birth. We must use the time that God has given us to produce! Do not be lazy, slothful or a time waster. Keep your FOCUS on what YOU need to be doing. The enemy wants to rob you of 3 things in this hour: TIME, PURPOSE and FOCUS. Take ownership of your day...


"God is trying to get your attention. He is wanting to usher you into your Selah (pause and think about it). It is time to regroup for this next place and move. Old anointings and strategies will not do. You are not familiar with this new place. You have not been this way before. Take a pause and wait for your instructions. Take a pause and wait on the plan of God. Do not rush in without being equipped. Sometimes you have engaged in warfare that was not yours to engage in because you did not recognize your Selah. Wait on me and wait in me says God"...


Good Morning All: Just wanted to encourage you that God is able. He is not slack concerning His promises. That which He said He will do, He will do. God is able! Be encouraged and strengthened on today as you stand still and see the SALVATION of the Lord. Do not miss tonight's service in Philly for those who are in the tri-state area. We are in our way for 2 explosive days of GLORY...


I speak to the Kingdom in you to rise up this day and take your rightful place in the Kingdom. I command the king/priest to rise up in you and go forth and be all that God created you to be. As your mindset change your status will change. As your connections shift your belief system will be upgraded. Do you not realize that hanging out or be connected to the wrong people can cause you to live beneath your priviledges? Kingdom recognizes Kingdom! Your baby should leap when you meet another citizen of the Kingdom! When submitted to the Kingdom everything you do can be blessed. Why? Because the seal of approval of the Kingdom is on it. I encourage you this day to connect with the Kingdom. After all, membership has its priviledges...."

Wisdom Key


  • Grace and peace: The Law of Confession says that we say what God has said. We speak the Word of God over every situation that we are facing. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds out the mouth of God. Every negative confession, thought, deed, relationship, connection and friendship must be removed. Toxic people and their toxic spirits will only kill the life that is in you. Its a new month; its a new season both naturally and spiritually. This day decide that there is nothing more important than your DESTINY being fulfilled!

  • Wisdom Key: Some of the best invetsments you can make is knowing who and what NOT to invest in. Selah...